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The Uses of Deep Friction Massage with Olive Oil for the Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries in Ancient Times: Their Potential Practical Implementation

Nikitas N Nomikos


The aim of this review was to explore the use of olive oil in conjunction with deep friction massage (DFM) for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries in the ancient world, and to investigate its potential use in modern medicine. For this purpose, the writings of major ancient philosophers and physicians such as Hippocrates, Aristotle, Philostratos and Lucian have been analysed leading to the conclusion that the application of olive oil during DFM was an effective preventive and curative treatment for ancient athletes. Various studies suggest that application of olive oil during DFM helps to reduce muscle fatigue, remove lactic acid and further prevent the occurrence of sports injuries by conferring flexibility on the skin. Further experimental and clinical studies are required to investigate the potential beneficial effects of the application of olive oil during DFM in terms of preventing and treating various sport injuries.

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