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Study of the Solubility of Some Sodium Sulfonamides in Ethanol + Water Cosolvent Mixtures and Correlation with the Jouyban-Acree Model

Daniel Delgado, Fleming Martinez, Mohammad AA Fakhree, Abolghasem Jouyban


Sodium sulfonamides are drugs extensively used for the treatment of certain infections caused by several kinds of microorganisms. Although sodium sulfonamides are widely used nowadays in therapeutics, the physicochemical information about their aqueous solutions is not complete at present. In this context, solubility values of some of these drugs were determined at temperatures from 278.15 to 308.15 K in ethanol + water cosolvent mixtures. The drug solubility is greatest in neat water and lowest in neat ethanol at all the temperatures studied. This behavior shows the negative cosolvent effect for this electrolyte drug in this solvent system. The Jouyban-Acree model is used for mathematical representation of the generated data and also other available solubility data for salts and zwitterions in aqueous mixtures of ethanol at different temperatures. The mean relative deviation (MRD) is used as an error criterion and the overall MRD value for solubility correlation using the Jouyban-Acree model is 31.6 ± 39.5 %.

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