Vol 1, No 2 (2010)

Biomedicine International

Table of Contents


Needlestick Injuries: Incidence and Cost in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain PDF
Mario Saia, Friedrich Hofmann, Joanna Sharman, Dominique Abiteboul, Magda Campins, Joerg Burkowitz, Yoonhee Choe, Shane Kavanagh

Original articles

Finite Element Modeling for Solving Pulsatile Flow in a Fusiform Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm PDF
Vijayajothi Paramasivam, Nenad Filipovic, Kanesan Muthusamy, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir
Analysis of the Profunda Femoris Artery with Superficial Femoral Artery Occlusive Disease PDF
Abolhasan Shakeri, R. Shane Tubbs, Mohammadali M. Shoja, Shahryar Hashemzadeh, Marios Loukas, W. Jerry Oakes
Dermatoglyphic Patterns of Obese versus Normal-Weight Nigerian Individuals PDF
Gabriel S. Oladipo, Emmanuel O. Afolabi, Chinagorum Esomonu


Mechanoelectrical Feedback Has a Role in the Development of Cardiac Memory PDF
Li Yue-Chun, Ge Li-Sha, Yang Peng-Li, Tang Ji-Fei, Guang Xue-Qiang, Chen Peng, Lin Jia-Feng
Statins Inhibit Toll-Like Receptor-4: a Potential Role for Attenuating Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiomyopathy PDF
Hamid Ghavimi, Kambiz Hassanzadeh


Is the Theory of Cycling Antibiotic Resistance Applicable? PDF
Ali Shayanfar, Mohammad Amin Abolghassemi Fakhree, Somaieh Ahmadian

Historical Perspectives

Poppy and opium in ancient times: remedy or narcotic? PDF
Ana María Rosso
The Uses of Deep Friction Massage with Olive Oil for the Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries in Ancient Times: Their Potential Practical Implementation PDF
Nikitas N Nomikos

Case reports

A Variation in the Morphology of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve with Potential Clinical Significance PDF
Mangala M. Pai, Ravindra S. Swamy, Latha V. Prabhu
Non-organ Specific Antibodies and Suspected Cryoglobulinemia: a Diagnostic Challenge PDF
Norbert Shtaynberg, Majed Samarneh, Abdallah Geara, Edward Epstein, Suzanne El-Sayegh
Treatment of Fulminant Hepatitis B with Oral Hepatitis B Vaccine PDF
Alireza Ghaffari, Kamyar Ghabili, Mahtab Rezazadeh, Hamid Noshad